Cloud and Virtualization Overview

In the migration to private and public cloud environments Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are being adopted as the most disruptive changes in telecommunications since the transition to all-IP networks. NFV focuses on new methods for deployment and delivery of telecom services over a software-based network infrastructure. Through NFV, applications that were previously coupled to proprietary hardware can now be ­­­instantiated on generic commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computing hardware. SDN enables the decoupling of the data and control planes in telecommunications equipment. The control plane can be virtualized in the Cloud, while the data plane can continue to be implemented in appropriate hardware or virtualized in the Cloud.

By leveraging the same common codebase across hardware and software-only solutions, Sonus provides a migration path to private and public clouds that can begin at multiple points within a network. There are many possible paths from the traditional vertically integrated, custom-hardware-centric way of building networks to the more flexible, software-defined, highly elastic future way of building networks. Sonus is committed to working with each service provider and enterprise customer to achieve the best possible deployment model for their specific network.

Multiple opportunities exist to take advantage of NFV and Cloud-deployments for the Sonus Session Border Controller (SBC), including:

Virtual CPE (vCPE)

This emerging market is based on leveraging the value of NFV for network edge services at the customer location. This is a perfect application for Sonus’ virtualized SBC. Deployment models could include a cloud-based service provider offering SBC-as-a-Service, service provider-owned virtualized SBC deployed as managed CPE, or an enterprise-owned virtualized SBC deployed on customer premise.

Virtualized Access SBCs

Sonus’ cloud-optimized SBC delivers key feature functionality designed to ease a service provider’s migration of real-time communications to the Cloud. With Sonus’ cloud-optimized SBCs, service providers can dramatically increase their customer responsiveness by being able to bring up run-time ready SBCs for secure, robust, SIP service in just minutes. Access service providers for cloud-based Unified Communications, Conferencing, and Contact Center services can virtualize their SBCs into the Cloud and provide value added services such as encryption and interworking without sacrificing performance, quality or capacity.

Virtualized Interconnect SBCs

With NFV and orchestration, service providers can take advantage of cloud elasticity. With automated, on-demand instantiation and configuration of virtual SBC resources, service provides can dynamically match SBC capacity to traffic demand at service provider interconnection points.

Management and Orchestration

Sonus supports standard OpenStack and ETSI-based interfaces and partnerships with market-leading orchestration vendors to facilitate VNF implementations. In addition, for service providers requiring a more turn-key and integrated solution, Sonus can provide its own VNF Manager using the Sonus Element Management System.

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