Mobility, 4G/LTE, IMS

The wireless market is in the midst of a major industry transformation - Fixed, Cable and Wireless networks are converging; 4G/LTE technology holds the promise of exciting multimedia services previously unimaginable; at the same time 4G/LTE eliminates one of the most fundamental services in wireless networks - circuit switched voice; content providers and third party voice applications are delivering services directly to the consumer, using wireless networks merely as a transport medium; and Interconnect/IPX providers are looking to play a bigger role and increase their revenues. Existing business and operating models in wireless networks are fast becoming obsolete.
Sonus has an advanced portfolio of products that make it possible for mobile operators to leverage this industry transformation, and position their networks as well as their business models to take advantage of the dynamics of the new wireless market.
Sonus offers the following products and solutions for wireless and IPX operators:
  • Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC) for 4G/LTE, 3G and IPX networks
  • Broad range of hardware and software Session Border Controllers (SBC) for IMS, VoLTE and IPX networks
  • The industry’s most advanced Breakout Gateway Control Function
  • NFV (Network Function Virtualization) based SBC, DSC and Policy Control products

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