Overview of VoiP Security

Enterprises and Service Providers can leverage Sonus SBCs to improve the security of their networks.  As both entities leverage IP to provide unified and real-time communications (UC/RTC), the opportunity for "bad actors" to access and steal services increases, unless an SBC is deployed.  Sonus provides SBCs and UC/RTC security technologies.  With SBCs, enterprises can focus on their core competencies while service providers can provide extraordinary communications features to their customers.  Sonus can make sure both can do this with greater confidence that their UC/RTC enviropnments are protected with best in class security technologies.

Enterprise UC Security

Enterprises leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology truly changes the way we think about communicaitons. With SIP, unified communication (UC) applications become just another “data application” and without appropriate security measures in place, networks could be opened to bad actors exposing the business, technology, privacy and compliance to broad new attack vectors .

Service Provider RTC Security

Service providers manage billions of SIP-based real-time communication (RTC) minutes on their networks at peering points with other operators and deep within their RTC networks. Sonus' session border controllers (SBCs) are used at these edge network points to perform important call management and transcoding functions as well as protect the network from threats such as Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.

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