Combining the world’s most advanced apps and versatile switch

SonusWorks is the tightly integrated next generation switching solution that combines the BroadSoft® BroadWorks® suite of enhanced VoIP applications and multimedia services with the Sonus T7000 Class 4/5 packet and TDM switching platform, and one of Sonus’ industry leading session boarder controllers (SBCs). Designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) of any size, SonusWorks combines best-in-class offerings from BroadSoft and Sonus into a joint product offering capable of delivering the most advanced voice services, independent of access, with a cost effective “pay-as-you-grow” model.

SonusWorks gives CSPs the ability to deploy voice services in a distributed or centralized model to either legacy TDM or IP subscribers, simultaneously from the same platform. A T7000 equipped with a Packet Interface Card (PIC) can support synchronized and interworking IP and TDM operations, allowing complete interoperability between POTS and VoIP users. The PIC enables the unique ability for the T7000 to emulate an IAD when utilizing the BroadWorks applications server to deliver enhanced features to legacy TDM (GR-303) subscribers.

The T7000 is the only field-proven next generation Class 5 switch that meets the strict requirements for “five nines” reliability and provides a full set of Class 5 services within a compact, gateway-like chassis.

The T7000 can scale from 40 to 50,000 ports with a single 17” X 24” shelf, enabling CSPs to pay-as-they-grow and provide profitable voice services upon initial deployment. In addition, the compact footprint of the T7000 makes it practical for installation in a variety of locations, including collocation spaces, MTUs, or any site with a controlled environment.

With the SonusWorks system, operators can utilize Sonus’ T7000 blade-based architecture for traditional, front of the phone book voice services to TDM and IP subscribers. The T7000’s Class 4 tandem or IP peering capabilities can manage local exchange carrier routing and interconnection, and operators can leverage BroadSoft’s BroadWorks for enhanced VoIP services to advanced subscribers utilizing the T7000’s IP cards for PSTN media gateway functionality.

SonusWorks Features

  • Auto Attendant: A flexible, powerful, front office tool that acts as an automated receptionist for business customers
  • BroadWorks Anywhere: Simplifies communications for on-the-go and remote users by extending the features of a desk phone to any other fixed or mobile device
  • Call Center: A comprehensive solution with the sophisticated features and functionality that are required for a broad range of call centers, along with the added benefit of being completely integrated with other BroadWorks Unified Communications (UC)-enabled services
  • Meet-Me Conferencing: Supports both instant and business conferencing, and can be enabled from a user’s phone, desktop toolbars, or a web portal
  • UC as a Service: Using BroadWork’s tight integration with business applications from companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Google, CSPs are able to host UC “in the cloud”, and businesses can buy UC on an as-needed basis
  • Plus, many more!

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