Number Portability

Reducing costs and Improving efficiency for number portability lookups is as easy as 1-2-3. With the Sonus Number Portability (NP) solution, carriers and service providers can address the growing need for number portability services while reducing costs. This is available as a software-based feature upgrade to the PSX Centralized Routing and Policy Server and delivers a highly scalable, highly flexible number portability solution. The Number Portability solution includes both PSX and DSC products to support SIP, ENUM and SS7 signaling protocols with interoperability to a variety of databases using SIP, ENUM, INAP, and TCAP. With this solution, carriers can get number portability information directly from the data source and host it on-board the PSX instead of paying a fee to a third-service for every dip. Carriers can reduce costs and eliminate 100-200ms of latency per call by dipping directly into their own number portability server.

Because the PSX provides a centralized signaling, routing and policy function across both SS7 and IP signaling protocols it makes it easier to manage NP across multiple network types and to seamlessly transition from one protocol to another protocol in the future.

Sonus Number Portability Differentiation:

  • Local storage of Local Number Portability (LNP) data, resulting in substantial businesses in operational savings
  • Reduce call setup latency and Improve response time
  • Efficient and fast bulk loaded data


  • Incremental updates on a periodic basis keeps the database current
  • Initial data is bulk loaded, making it much faster and efficient
  • Local storage of LNP data results in substantial operational savings by avoiding expensive external dips to third party databases


  • Supports Centralized Number Portability functionality: Acts as an Number Portability Service Hub for the entire network.
  • Direct NPAC Feed: (Neustar SIP-IX Service) in the North American market, Telcordia and Syniverse feed in India
  • Multi-DB Support: Local DB, External ENUM, External TCAP, External SIP
  • Multi-Country Support: Support NP Variants across multiple countries
  • Protocol Bridging: Next-gen elements need not be TCAP-aware to use TCAP-based NP services

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