IMS Breakout Gateway Control Function

Do you need to bridge IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks, PSTN and circuit-based GSM, and CDMA wireless networks in your enterprise? Go beyond the standard 3GPP-defined functionality commonly offered today. Look no further than the Sonus IMS Breakout Gateway Control Function (BGCF) Application, a transaction-stateful SIP proxy server that delivers everything you would expect in a BGCF device, including high performance, 3GPP R9 compliance and complete support for IMS ecosystem elements. The BGCF function is available as a software-based feature upgrade on the field proven Sonus PSX Centralized Policy and Routing Server

The Sonus Difference:

  • Next Generation ENUM and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) lookups combined with SS7 SCP lookups allowing for gradual migration from NGN to IMS
  • Enablement of resilient SIP signaling network able to predictively handle congestion scenarios
  • DNS/ENUM server load balancing and overload controls to help carriers build a robust, reliable SCP network that can handle congestion scenarios gracefully and predictably

Communications networks are becoming exponentially complex; simplify your network with a solution.


  • Includes many value-added features not available in a standard BGCF
  • SS7 SCP, DNS and ENUM, SIP lookups for more efficient routing: Not available in standards-based BGCF
  • LNP lookups: Not a standards defined BGCF function
  • Address Reachability Service and Control: Detect failed peers –Not available in standards-based BGCF


  • Incorporates many of the features of the Sonus PSX Policy and Routing Server
  • SIP and Tel URL support
  • Supports routing based on IPTG, carrier selection, CoS etc, in addition to standards based routing: Routing decision based on local policy or external database lookups

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