Enabling WebRTC

Service providers are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to develop and deliver new services for contact centers, businesses and end-customers. Sonus’ WebRTC Services Solution enables service providers to extend current service offerings to a broader set of customers by taking advantage of the following click-to-connect feature options:

  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • Voice Calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Data Sharing Applications

The Sonus WebRTC Services Solution’s Software Development Kit (SDK) provides the development tools needed to customize applications which best address the specific needs and pain points of end-users. In addition, the behind-the scenes infrastructure enables these applications to seamlessly connect across multiple browser-enabled end-devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Key Considerations for Service Providers
  • Drive New Business Models: enable web and applications developers to integrate multi-media features into both webpages and application-based designs
  • WebRTC-to-WebRTC or WebRTC-to-SIP Interworking: enables WebRTC users to communicate to any back-end SIP system and PSTN
  • Virtualization: a fully software-based solution purpose-built for cloud/Network Function Virtualization (NFV) engagement
  • Cloud Ready: easily integrates into an existing public cloud infrastructure, including HP, Google and Amazon (AWS)

Figure 1: Sonus' WebRTC Services Solution Bridges the Web to the Rest of the World

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