IPX Interconnect

IPX is a technical and business model standard defined by the GSM Association (GSMA) that mobile service providers use to transmit Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Data, Voice over LTE (VoLTE), LTE signaling, roaming and other services outside of their own networks.

Wholesale service providers and GPRX Roaming Exchange (GRX) operators are looking for new multimedia interconnect services to improve monetization. When making the move to implement new services they must overcome complex interoperability, security and service quality challenges when interconnecting disparate fixed and mobile Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

For IPX network providers, Sonus delivers a solution with the security, policy control, and signaling and media interworking needed to ensure IPX network providers success in the following:

  • Revenue growth in new markets by offering new IP exchange services
  • Reliable security for every network peering point
  • Support for service types including Video, HD Voice over IP (VoIP), Multimedia and Rich Communications Suite (RCS)
  • Flexibility in deployment either on dedicated hardware or in a virtual environment for additional CAPEX and OPEX savings

The Sonus IPX solution is comprised of:

Session Border Controllers (SBC)

  • Security (IP Topology hiding, DDOS prevention, TLS/IPSec)
  • Signaling interworking and media transcoding
  • 10G interface connectivity
  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) edge and interconnect functions – P/E/I-CSCF, I-BCF

Policy Management and Routing (PSX)

  • Centralized routing
  • Number portability
  • Session routing proxy - IMS Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF)

Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC)

  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) and load balancing
  • Diameter Edge Agent (Topology Hiding, TLS/IPSec)
  • Subscription Location Function (SLF)
  • Message counting for accounting / billing
  • Interworking with other IPX, 4G/LTE as well as 2G/3G networks

Figure 1: IPX Interconnect

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