Securing Remote Workers

Providing the ability for agents to seamlessly work from alternate locations – either a home, hotel or branch office increases employee productivity and is now a “table stakes” capability for enterprise IT.

The ability to securely deploy real-time communications for remote workers is critical to today’s enterprises. Sonus SBCs proactively secure real-time audio, video and multi-media connections to the WAN network by providing:

  • Network Topology Hiding – hides the network addresses and names, preventing unauthorized third parties from hacking into and attacking the network
  • NAT Traversal – allows remote workers to securely and reliably connect to the WAN network
  • Encryption – prevents unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive information
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection – identifies DoS attacks and prevents the network from being overwhelmed with illegitimate VoIP/data traffic

Figure 1: Securing Remote Workers

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