Proactive Network Monitoring for UC Infrastructure

Enterprises deploying Microsoft Skype for Business are challenged to ensure their networks are optimized to reliably deliver voice, video, presence, and collaboration to users. Network environments are built upon multi-vendor servers, networking equipment, endpoints, and Session Border Controllers (SBCs). As a result, managing or monitoring the network becomes increasingly complex and identifying potential outages or performance issues becomes even more challenging.

Sonus and Nectar offer a fully integrated solution for Enterprise customers to proactively monitor, manage, and measure the health and performance of their entire Microsoft Skype for Business ecosystem, by deploying Sonus’ SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 along with Nectar’s UCMP solution - something no other enterprise SBC vendor can extend to their customers.

Figure 1: Sonus / Nectar Solution

A single, centrally located Nectar UCMP system can monitor an entire Skype for Business network in conjunction with premises based SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 units, providing seamless insight, metrics, and root-cause analysis of issues that may affect voice quality and the overall Microsoft Skype for Business experience. This eliminates the need for UC Diagnostics devices or probes in the network, significantly reducing operational and maintenance costs. Sites can be easily and rapidly provisioned through a simple configuration change on the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000.

Complete visibility and monitoring across an entire multi-vendor Skype for Business ecosystem - including the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000, Skype for Business management servers, Quality of Experience (QoE) databases, IP PBXs, routers, and on premises Wi-Fi - significantly reduces the time it takes to isolate and resolve issues. Additionally, real-time call quality measurements are provided on both the Public and Private side of the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 to isolate any issues as internal or external to the enterprise network.

Both the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 and the Nectar UCMP solution are Microsoft Skype for Business certified.

Key Features / Benefits
  • Proactively monitor the health, performance and capacity of Microsoft Skype for Business network and Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 infrastructure
  • Real-time media analysis and notification of network events impacting Skype for Business voice and video sessions
  • Track and monitor SIP errors on both the Public and Private side of the SBC
  • Monitor and trend SIP signaling responsiveness for excessive delays in call setup and/or teardown
  • Root-cause analysis and alarm management capabilities

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