Overview of Enterprise Solutions

The success of any organization, whether large or small, depends on the effectiveness of that organization’s communication tools within the enterprise as well as between the enterprise and its customers. The move to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communications requires that enterprises revisit their network security and embed a layer of intelligence in order to get the most value out of their move to real-time communications. Sonus Enterprise Solutions help enterprises truly unify their communications networks and overcome their SIP and Unified Communications (UC) challenges.

Migration to SIP

Migration to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) the preferred answer amongst enterprises who are looking to implement Unified Communications (UC) within their network while lowering cost. SIP helps to consolidate an enterprises network into a single, Internet Protocol (IP)-based network allowing for all voice, video and data traffic to be handled over the same connection. Sonus’ Session Border Controller (SBC), policy, and management solutions help to insure that the switch to SIP is not only secure but also cost effective and efficient.

Dial Plan Consolidation and Interworking

As enterprises naturally grow and expand to new locations through organic growth or M&A it is expected that they will eventually find themselves with several different communications infrastructures, either due to their installed PBXs using different versions of codes or being from different vendors entirely. This lack of a single infrastructure will cause two big problems - complex and unmanageable databases and inability for users to dial other offices or voice mail systems using abbreviated dial plans or VPN. These issues make it difficult to integrate new offices or move to a new Unified Communications (UC) platform. Sonus’ enterprise solutions remove these major problems allowing for businesses to grow and expand alleviating the challenges of integrating new or different communication infrastructures and eliminating the cost of maintaining multiple PBXs.

Securing Remote Workers

Business is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly more mobile in our BYOD world. As a result, enterprises need to securely deploy real-time communications for remote workers, allowing workers to become more efficient and leading to an increase in productivity regardless of employee location. Sonus’ Session Border Controller (SBC) makes this possible by proactively securing real-time audio, video and multi-media connections.

Leveraging Existing PBX Assets

More and more enterprises are making the switch from their current TDM-based telephony architecture to a modern Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based network. This allows businesses to reduce costs as well as implement Unified Communication (UC) applications, increasing employee efficiency within their network. Sonus’ Session Border Controller (SBC) help to facilitate this switch by enabling analog migration, media interworking, SIP interworking between PBXs and centralized dial plans allowing enterprises to migrate at a pace of their choice, whether it be all at once or piece-meal.

Enabling Video Integration

The world of high-cost, high-touch video meeting rooms and meet-me services are being replaced by the pervasive ability of video options on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As this occurs the video market continues to fragment at an increasingly rapid rate with the emergence of new service providers and vendors challenging current players in the field such as Microsoft, Cisco, Vidyo and Google. In the midst of all this change Sonus will take care of the technology details to make sure video services are secure, interoperable, delivered with expected QoS, all while being done with scalable and economic investment.

Enabling WebRTC

Sonus’ WebRTC Services Solution enables Service Providers to customize their Real-Time Communication (RTC) applications for their customers’ needs. Businesses can engage with their end-customers in a unique and personal manor, improving end-user experience and enabling totally new business models. By providing the development tools needed to customize applications, as well as the behind-the-scenes infrastructure which enables these applications to seamlessly connect across multiple browser-enabled end-devices, Sonus WebRTC Services Solution empowers Service Providers to drive new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction.

Sonus Cloud Link for Microsoft CCE

Sonus Cloud Link is an integrated appliance solution that combines Sonus’ award winning SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 session border controllers running embedded Microsoft Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition software. Sonus Cloud Link provides a complete solution to enable enterprises to transition from traditional voice deployments to a Microsoft Skype for Business implementation whether on-premises or in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 Cloud PBX. Sonus Cloud Link comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition software and all necessary licenses required to install the solution, saying time and cost associated with sourcing servers and software separately. Additionally, the included Cloud Connector Edition GUI Setup Wizard Significantly reduces the time needed to configure the system, enabling enterprises to quickly enjoy a fully operational Cloud PBS solution.

Proactive Network Monitoring for UC Infrastructure

Sonus and Nectar are uniquely positioned to provide a fully integrated solution for Enterprise customers to proactively monitor, manage and measure the health and performance of their entire Microsoft Skype for Business ecosystem. It is of vital importance for enterprises deploying Microsoft Skype for Business to ensure that their network is optimized to deliver reliable voice, video, presence, and collaboration to users. Currently monitoring these networks can be difficult due to the complex nature of many networks which are comprised of multi-vendor servers, networking equipment, endpoints and Session Border Controllers (SBC). However, this problem can be solved with a deployment of Sonus’ SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 along with Nectar’s UCMP solution.

Sonus Advantage

Sonus Advantage is designed to help enterprises deploy unified communications (UC) more quickly, easily and securely in their networks. Sonus Advantage addresses the growing need among enterprises to quickly adapt their network capabilities as they transition from legacy-based TDM (time division multiplexed) communications to IP-based UC. This enterprise solution from Sonus brings industry-leading security, policy and interworking together, creating a best-of-breed platform for UC that is Secure, Smart and Simple.

Figure 1: Enterprise Overview

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