Dial Plan Consolidation and Interworking

Whether through M&A or organic growth enterprises eventually find themselves with multiple offices with different communications infrastructures. Many times the PBXs installed in each office are from different vendors or possibly from the same vendor but running different versions of software. Each PBX typically has voice mail associated with it as well as a specific dial plan (4-digit, 3-digit, 9+, etc.). This combination of disparate communications elements leads to two primary issues:

  1. Complex and unmaintainable routing databases
  2. Inability for users to dial other offices or voice mail systems using abbreviated dial plans or VPN

These issues make it very difficult to integrate offices and move to any new Unified Communications (UC) platform. Employees may find themselves unable to use an older voice mail system that only accepts 4-digit dial plans when their new dial plan requires 8-digit dialing. Doing a phased migration to a new UC system is very difficult as routing has to be changed individually in each PBX. Having multiple routing databases also increase operating costs as routing databases need to be maintained for multiple PBXs as employees are moved/added/deleted from the routing database and dial plan.


The Sonus Dial Plan Consolidation and Networking Solution:
  • Allows Dial Plan Consolidation – convert 3 digit to 5 digit dial plans between any PBX/IVR/Voice Mail system in your network
  • Consolidate all your routing databases into one – all PBXs can get their routing from the Sonus database, therefore decreasing costs and time in maintaining the dial plan
  • Allow a move to SIP-based Unified Communications – easily route voice and video to the correct platform during a migration
  • Can scale easily from 2 offices to 200
  • Can be deployed on purpose built appliances, or in a private/public Cloud as a virtual solution

Figure 1: Dialplan Consolidation and Interworking

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