Transitioning From Legacy Networks

As contact centers look to find new ways to reduce costs while providing a better customer service experience, many more are making the transition from their current, trusted and proven TDM-based telephony architecture to a SIP-based network.

Sonus can help contact centers make the transition from TDM to SIP at a pace that is comfortable for them. Sonus SBCs provide multi-vendor equipment support and the interworking needed to reliably and effectively communicate with legacy communication solutions, including existing IVR and DTMF/Fax equipment. Sonus SBCs will allow both TDM and SIP trunks to communicate simultaneously and, as a result, a contact center can migrate their entire infrastructure at one time or piece-meal, without having to completely upgrade all the equipment in their network.

Advantages of using Sonus' Contact Center Solution:
  • Secure your network
  • Improve network capacity and flexibility
  • Enable Unified Communications; Enable advanced features: HD audio & video and other rich media features
  • Reduce equipment costs and long distance service and transfer fees
  • Consolidate your network
  • Make your network more reliable and resilient
  • Virtualize your contact center with at home and mobile agents
  • Ability to scale quickly, meeting demand needs during service spikes
  • Improved communication quality
  • Better speech recognition, improving the accuracy of IVR systems

Figure 1: Transitioning From Legacy Networks

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