Securing Remote Agents

Employing remote agents provides several key benefits for contact centers. Remote agents allow a contact center to quickly and easily ramp up/down, as needed, to meet short-term capacity demand spikes. The contact center can focus budgetary resources on capacity requirements and providing exceptional customer service, as opposed to investing in costly on-site equipment and real estate that will sit unused once seasonal or event triggering demand spikes subside. In addition, providing the ability to work from home increases agent job satisfaction and improves retention rates, reducing new employee training and equipment costs for the contact center.

The ability to securely deploy remote agents is critical. Sonus’ Contact Center Solution proactively secures a remote agent’s connection to the on-site contact center network by providing:

  • Network Topology Hiding - hides the network addresses and names, preventing unauthorized third parties from hacking into and attacking the contact center network
  • NAT Traversal - allows the agent to get through their NAT to the contact center’s local network, providing direct and secure access to the contact center’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system
  • Encryption - prevents unauthorized parties from listening in to sensitive information
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Protection - identifies DoS attacks and prevents the network from being overwhelmed with illegitimate VoIP/data traffic

Figure 1: Securing Remote Agents

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