Network Consolidation with SIP

SIP enables real-time communications over the internet (IP) including: voice, video, instant message, multi-media conferencing, user presence information and data sharing applications. Deploying SIP trunks is a logical step towards consolidating your network into a single, IP based network that can handle voice, video, and data traffic over the same connection.

SIP allows a contact center to consolidate their network by:
  • Consolidating PRIs/TDM lines over SIP - enables data and video to be transferred over the same lines as voice
  • Centralizing the ACD/IVR equipment - host the ACD/IVR equipment at a single data center (main contact center) and extend engagement to branch offices and off-site agents, eliminating the need to invest and maintain additional, redundant IVR equipment at remote locations
  • Centralizing recording - host the recorder at the main contact center and allow branch offices and off-site agents to fork recorded voice packets over SIP to the recorder, eliminating investment in redundant equipment and making it easier to review recorded sessions by contact center staff to resolve customer service related issues

Figure 1: Network Consolidation with SIP

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