Enabling WebRTC

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) provides contact centers with a secure and cost-optimized solution that provides an improved customer service experience and increased agent productivity through the delivery of a high quality voice, video and data sharing experience.

Contact centers can use WebRTC to deliver a better customer engagement experience with a click-to-communicate button on their webpage. This allows them to seamlessly initiate a whole suite of real-time communication offerings including instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and data sharing applications.

Sonus’ WebRTC Services Solution can enable both browser-to-browser and browser-to-Session SIP connections, allowing for seamless integration with any back-end SIP system and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) infrastructure. In other words, agents can initiate a voice call from their WebRTC-enabled browser and communicate with an end user that is using either a WebRTC-enabled browser or a more traditional analog/Internet Protocol (IP)-based phone.

Figure 1: Sonus' WebRTC Services Solution Bridges the Web to the Rest of the World

Sonus’ WebRTC Services Solution provides contact centers with:

  • Ability to Create Customized Applications - develop new service apps with the Sonus WebRTC Software Development Kit (WRTC SDK) to enable an improved customer service experience
  • Reduced Costs - eliminate long distance calling fees by connecting agents with customers through a browser-enabled interface
  • Improved Customer Service Experience - personalized customer engagement through live, real-time support via voice and video conferencing
  • Video Services - allows for quick troubleshooting for product-related questions
  • Time Savings - customers can get help quickly by engaging with a live agent through voice, video, IM and data sharing applications
  • Quick and Easy Connectivity - connect users to services quickly and simply, using virtually any browser and enable communications within mobile applications

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