Real-time Service Quality for Unified Communications

Applications that deliver real-time unified communications, such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business, have specific requirements for low latency, jitter, and packet loss. When delivered across a Wide Area Network, and especially when these applications are provided from a Cloud domain, these requirements are difficult to meet unless there is a method to ensure bandwidth allocation and packet prioritization across the WAN, based on application-aware policies.

This is where VellOS®, Sonus’ cloud exchange networking product, comes into play. VellOS was designed to integrate private, hybrid, and public clouds, to support distributed applications and services from enterprises and service providers, into a seamless IT environment.

VellOS provides:

  • Interworking with web-based Portals or APIs whereby business polices can automatically translated into simplified provisioning and WAN configuration;
  • Application aware flow orchestration with specific interworking between Microsoft’s UC SDN Interface and the VellOS API, such that UC traffic will get priority over other IP application traffic on the WAN link;
  • Flexibility to manage connectivity for specific user and/or application requirements on-demand. For example adding video to an existing audio session will change bandwidth requirements;
  • Ability to dynamically implement WAN changes in connectivity based on changes in business priorities; end-to-end visibility into the cloud exchange network bandwidth utilization and usage via metering for management and billing purposes.

Figure 1: Real-Time Service Quality for UC

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