Dynamic Data Center Interconnect

As businesses place increasing emphasis on internet and cloud-based services to support internal and external communications and transactions, they need to make sure their cloud deployments have optimal network connectivity.

This connectivity has three important aspects to consider:

  1. Real-time management – connectivity should be managed in real-time based on business priorities including those defined in the business’s continuity plans;
  2. Application traffic prioritization – traffic between data centers should be prioritized based on a business’s priorities for different application, during both normal and non-normal working situations;
  3. Bandwidth utilization – should be maximized between Data Centers, which in turn will bring down the cost of DC connectivity.

The best way to address these requirements is a cloud exchange networking platform that integrates private, hybrid, and public clouds, that supports distributed applications and services from Enterprises and Service Providers, into a seamless IT environment.

Sonus’ answer is VellOS®, our cloud exchange networking platform that makes it possible to achieve significant cost savings by maximizing bandwidth utilization as well as enabling the confidence in the availability and continuity of mission-critical business applications. With VellOS, the cloud exchange network can be turned into a revenue generating opportunity by providing a “Network-as-a-Service”.

VellOS provides:

  • Interworking with web-based Portals or APIs whereby business polices can automatically translated into simplified provisioning and WAN configuration;
  • Flexibility to orchestrate WAN connectivity on-demand based upon application requirements For example, time-of-day adjustments to WAN bandwidth for a nightly data replication program, or putting a high priority on 15 minute back-up of billing records;
  • Ability to dynamically implement WAN changes based on changes in business network connectivity. For example, managing around congested paths, unavailable applications in case of server failure, or even unavailable Data Centers in the event of a disaster, optimized bandwidth utilization between Data Centers;
  • End-to-end visibility into the cloud exchange network bandwidth utilization and usage via metering for management and billing purposes.

Figure 1: Dynamic Data Center Interconnect

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