Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

As enterprises place increasing emphasis on the Internet and on Cloud-based services to support their business they need a different business continuity paradigm for their data, applications and transactions. Companies must ensure access to Cloud-based applications and data centers even during disasters.

For this reason, business continuity plans are critical to ensure transparent and continuous operation. After all, a significant disaster or excessively long recovery period could drive a company’s customers to its competition, incur losses that cannot be recovered, or worse, possibly force a company out of business. While backing up critical data is important, it is not the end game. In the event of a disaster, it is also about ensuring application and data availability and ensuring information can flow quickly to minimize the negative impact on business operations.

This is where VellOS®, Sonus’ cloud exchange networking product, comes into play. VellOS was designed to integrate private, hybrid, and public clouds, to support distributed applications and services from enterprises and service providers, into a seamless IT environment.

VellOS provides:

  • Interworking with web-based Portals or APIs whereby business polices can automatically translated into simplified provisioning and WAN configuration;
  • Ability to rapidly implement WAN changes based on changes in a business’s priorities, changes in network topology, or changes in network behavior. Many natural disasters have some advance notice, at least enough to invoke business continuity changes pre-emptively for how application and data traffic should be handled;
  • Automated orchestration to manage connectivity for application requirements on-demand. For example, normal business data backup procedures versus data restoration following a disaster event;
  • End-to-end visibility into the cloud exchange network bandwidth utilization and usage via metering for cost management and billing purposes.

Figure 1: Business Continuity and Data Recovery

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