Virtualized Signaling Control

Sonus protects operators’ investments by combining Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) functionality on the same signaling routing platform. This gives mobile operators a simple yet elegant solution to address the dilemma of supporting the legacy SS7 networks while migrating to LTE/VoLTE/Diameter networks. With DSC operators will protect capital investments, ease the transition to next-generation networks, reduce operational impact and still support their SS7 network as long as required.

However, moving forward, the importance of network functions virtualization (NFV) is indisputable in the new virtual, Cloud deployments that will power service provider’s next-generation networks. To leverage the benefits of NFV, Sonus separated its field-proven Diameter and STP SS7 software from its proprietary hardware, and designed it to take advantage of a microservices architecture operating on industry-standard commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers.

The Sonus DSC is designed to operate in an orchestrated cloud deployment, bringing flexibility and efficiency to the network operator, enabling the rapid deployment and scaling of DSC and STP functionality in all IP-based network.

Figure 1: Virtual Signaling Control for SS7 and Diameter Routing and integration with Policy control for Number Portability

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