Virtualized Policy Control

Sonus’ industry-leading Centralized Policy and Routing Engine (PSX) is considered the “gold standard” of network policy and routing management. PSX provides a highly reliable, centralized control to intelligently manage communication session routing paths, priority, and admission control based on a variety of user defined policies including media type, source/destination and time of day/week. PSX routing analysis enables toll-free routing, least-cost routing, number portability, voice VPN, SIP trunking, centralized Dial Plan management, and support for Emergency services. Having a centralized location reduces costs through operational efficiencies, simplifies network management with fewer provisioning errors, while improving network response and utilization.

A cloud-optimized PSX enables a service provider can take those same industry-leading attributes and instantiate virtual policy and routing control in the Cloud. This means a common service orchestration system can easily service chain policy control with session management providing the ability to align virtual network resources for routing, security, interworking, and quality assurance of real-time communications.

In a cloud deployment, the PSX master database can be deployed in a geographically redundant configuration. This ensures the high degree of reliability expected by our most demanding customers. With the ability to create replicated, virtual PSX instances and associate these with virtual SBC instances, it is possible achieve cloud-based scale and elasticity.

Figure 1: Service Chaining Virtual Policy Control and Session Management

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