Virtual CPE (vCPE)

Designed to operate in virtualized public and private Cloud environments, the Sonus Session Border Controller (SBC) SWe is the industry’s only software-based SBC that delivers unmatched scalability using the same code base, re­siliency, session management, media processing, transcoding, and security technology of a hardware-based SBC. When deployed as virtual CPE (vCPE), the SBC SWe enables Service Providers and Enterprises to take advantage of shorter and more flexible deployment cycles for new services, as well as cost savings from virtualization.

Service Providers Offer SBC-as-a-Service (SBCaaS)

With NFV, service providers can deliver ‘SBC as a Service’ to enterprise customers by moving to a more efficient business model leveraging their virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Hosting SBCaaS eliminates the need to install, deploy and maintain SBCs at the customer premises. Because NFV enables the rapid instantiation of an SBC, SBCaaS makes it far easier to serve enterprises that have seasonal business or high variability in traffic level, by adding or reducing capacity with a pay-as-you-grow model.

Instead of buying and managing their own SBCs, enterprises benefit because they eliminate SBC capital expenses and the associated operational expenses for maintaining SBCs. Additionally, the need to carry and manage spare physical inventory, deal with space, power, equipment installation and configuration issues, and possible CPE obsolescence are also eliminated. 

Figure 1: Service Provider delivers SBCaaS to Enterprise customers, eliminating the need to install, deploy and maintain SBCs at the customer premise.

Service Provider-owned Virtual SBCs Deployed as Managed CPE

As an alternative to cloud-based hosting, a service provider could choose to include a virtual SBC as part of a “Managed CPE” service. The service provider manages the virtualized SBC from their cloud, and a low-cost COTS server on the customer premises is used to host VNFs. Service providers can conduct all service orchestration to operate and maintain the managed CPE for all customers from their cloud environment. Orchestration and automation eliminates costly and manual turn-up/turn-down processes, and seamlessly and dynamically scales resources. In this mixed model, new services can be deployed quickly, yet because the CPE is a collection of virtual functions, a service provider's upfront CPE costs are contained using COTS servers. Virtualization results in reduced operations and maintenance costs, especially with the elimination of function specific hardware.

Figure 2: Service Provider offers Managed CPE service with virtualized SBC from their Cloud network and COTS server on the customer premise to host VNFs.

Enterprise-owned Virtual SBCs Deployed on Customer Premise

There are many reasons why a premises-based SBC can be a necessity for an enterprise, and with the Sonus SBC SWe, the SBC functions can be virtualized on common hardware platforms to contain operational costs. The portability and flexibility of the SBC SWe solution makes it the ideal choice for enterprises that have invested in virtualization technology; require prepackaged solutions in a box; require remote network deployments; or are supporting opportunities such as entering a new geographic market where deploying a hardware solution would be impractical or cost prohibitive.

Figure 3: SBC functions virtualized on COTS servers contain operational costs for Enterprises.

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