Management and Orchestration

Management and Orchestration (MANO) plays a key role in the successful implementation of any NFV solution. NFV MANO allows flexible on-boarding and sidesteps potential chaos that can be associated with rapid spin-up of network components. NFV MANO contains three functional blocks:

  • NFV Orchestrator: Responsible for on-boarding of new network services and virtual network function (VNF) packages; network services lifecycle management; global resource management; validation and authorization of network functions virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) resource requests
  • VNF Manager (VNFM): Oversees lifecycle management of VNF instances; coordination and adaptation role for configuration and event reporting between NFVI and an Element or Network Management System
  • Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM): Controls and manages the NFVI compute, storage, and network resources

The NFV MANO layer works with Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) and gives users the power to pick and choose from existing NFVI resources for deployment.

Sonus has taken a very pragmatic approach to orchestration with support for standard OpenStack and ETSI-based interfaces by partnering with many market-leading orchestration vendors to facilitate VNF implementations. For service providers that prefer a more turn-key and integrated solution, Sonus has also implemented a VNFM. In concert with the Sonus Element Management System (EMS), this allows a service provider, who wants the applications to be more self-contained, to interface with the VNF at a higher “service” level, leaving more of the life cycle management to the VNF itself. As a result, the Sonus VNFs can easily be instantiated on multiple VNFI environments.

Sonus has tested its VNF with vendors that provide pure-play orchestration solutions, orchestration and VNFI solutions, as well as those providing only VNFI solutions.


For the latest list of orchestration and NFVI partners, please see the NFV Interoperability Partners page.


Figure 1: Management and Orchestration

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