Operations Support

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the critical command center for your network – it’s where decisions are made, solutions devised and obstacles averted. A Sonus engineer embedded in your NOC provides the crucial support and network experience you need to handle hot issues in the critical months following new solution deployments. Our engineers offer valuable support for operational test activities including trunk provisioning, fault isolation and management, customer training, skills transfer and network security.

Put our experience to work for you:

  • Identify and fix network bugs as they occur
  • Impart a wealth of SIP experience to your NOC/IT team
  • Support Tier 2 and Tier 3 engineers with deep Sonus product knowledge
  • Install and manage Sonus software upgrades and patches
  • Support network verification testing
  • Assist with new trunk provisioning for DS0-DS3 lines, call routing, signaling and more
  • Act quickly to isolate faults and resolve network problems

Upgrade Testing Services

Let Sonus engineers load, test and validate the latest software upgrades on your Sonus network elements, so your network can take advantage of the latest features like enhanced protocol transcoding and broader international support sooner. Testing and validation can be done on site or in a replicated environment in a Sonus-hosted facility, using customer-provided CDRs. Follow-on services are available for training, hardware upgrades and third-party solution upgrades.

Sonus helps you embrace change faster:

  • Sonus engineers load, test and validate the latest Sonus software versions and patches on your network equipment
  • Testing and validation conducted on-site by our engineers or in a replicated environment at a Sonus-hosted facility
  • Call routes validated using customer – provided CDRs
  • Create customized Methods of Procedure (MOPs) for each network element specific to the customer environment, including a backout MOP
  • Work with customer engineers during the MOP execution or enable MOPs to be executed by the customer
  • Training, hardware upgrades and third-party solution upgrades are available and quoted as additional services

Trouble Ticket Management

Trouble tickets are generated for each event, then tracked through a state-of-the-art trouble management system until the problem/event is resolved. Key performance metrics are captured to measure problem resolution performance against target metrics (e.g., MTTA, MTTR). Trouble management system data is archived for one year to provide historical trending and reporting analysis.


As part of the Managed Services program, the following reporting tools are made available to Sonus customers: daily ticket reports; monthly summaries of trouble tickets, repair times and outage times; access to the trouble management and trouble ticketing systems; additional customer reports as necessary.

Remote Provisioning Changes

Routine Moves/Adds/Changes/Deletes (MACD) work is offered to customers as part of the base Managed Services program. Complex provisioning MACD work is subject to certain limitations; additional work is available at an added hourly cost.

Technical Support

The Technical Support service provides a Sonus Engineer to serve as an on-site or remote technical support resource. The Engineer can provide day-to-day fault management support and assist in managing the day-to-day process of integrating and implementing new elements of the Sonus-based network.


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