WebRTC Services Solution

Tech Specs
WebRTC Services Solution
  • Session Border Controller (SBC)
    • Requires SBC 5110/5210/7000/SWe release 5.0 or higher
  • Insight EMS
    • Requires Insight EMS release 9.3 or higher
  • Encryption
    • Secure WebSocket connections for all users
  • Media Policy
    • Selection of SBCs and TURN Servers
    • Vending out ephemeral TURN credentials
    • Audio/video Codec preferences
  • User Authentication
    • Google, Facebook using OAuth-2
    • Enterprise Active directory using LDAP
    • Web Application’s authentication using its database
  • High Availability
    • All active servers with high availability
  • Cloud Elasticity
    • Elastic scaling of WRTC GW cluster
    • Cloud deployment and orchestration via Sonus Insight EMS

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