Virtual Mobile Core


Supporting Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Calling and VoLTE

The Sonus Virtual Mobile Core (VMC) provides the virtualized IMS functions that enable rapid delivery of next-generation voice and messaging services, including Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Calling and VoLTE, for both MNOs (mobile network operators) and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators). The VMC supports downloadable native experience clients like the Sonus Mobile Clients for Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling, as well as native clients provided by the device manufacturer, such as those on the iPhone 5c and later, and a few high-end Android phones.

Deployed in numerous mobile operator networks today, the VMC is a carrier-grade product that combines a number standard IMS functions in to a single, virtualized software solution, including:

  • Telephony Application Server (TAS)
  • IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW)
  • Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS)
  • IP Multimedia Service Switching Function (IM-SSF)
  • Serving - Call Session Control Function (S-CSCF)

The VMC also includes a number of unique features that dramatically simplify the deployment of Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Calling and VoLTE services. These optional features enable operators to avoid the major network architecture changes by leveraging an operator’s existing systems for subscriber management, IN services, charging, emergency calling, network interconnect, and more. By leveraging the VMC, operators can deploy Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Calling and VoLTE services within a few months, rather than a few years, and at a fraction of the time and effort.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Complete software solution for Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Calling and VoLTE
  • GSMA IR.92 and IR.51-compliant
  • Support Sonus’ downloadable Mobile Clients for Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling on Android devices
  • Supports iOS devices using native Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE clients
  • Virtualized and ready to support operator NFV deployments

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