NFV Orchestration Interoperability Testing


Sonus’ cloud-optimized portfolio is architected to support 3rd party Orchestration and NFVI vendors. Sonus has partnered with market-leading orchestration and NFVI vendors to facilitate VNF implementations, and also supports standard OpenStack and ETSI-based interfaces. For service providers looking for a more turn-key and integrated solution, the Sonus VNF Manager (VNFM), which is optional, provides an additional flexibility for deployment.

In the fall of 2015, Sonus participated in the Light Reading/EANTC interop evaluation event, the world's first independent interoperability evaluation of NFV infrastructure, focused (in Phase 1) on multivendor NFV infrastructure-to-virtual network function (VNF) interoperability. For more information, see NFV Interop Evaluation Results. Similarly, in early 2017, Sonus participated in the 1st ETSI-organized Network Function Virtualization interoperability PlugtestTM. During the two-week intense testing phase, interoperability testing focused on validating ETSI NFV Release 2 end-to-end capabilities including management of descriptors and software images, as well as life cycle management of network services and virtual network functions. Results of this testing will be published shortly.

NFV Orchestration Interoperability Testing

Table 1 below captures Sonus’ NFV interoperability testing partners

alcatel lucent
ALU (Cloudband)

CloudBand is the first-to-market carrier grade NFV management and orchestration (MANO) platform purpose-built for service providers. It offers high availability service deployment and assurance capabilities that let you move NFV into production on any scale.

juniper networks
Juniper (Contrail)

Juniper Networks Contrail Cloud Platform is an integrated turnkey cloud management platform that is hardened from open source technologies including OpenStack, OpenContrail, Ceph, and Puppet. It is a foundational element of Juniper's open cloud networking and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) solutions. For more information Click Here.

Overture (Ensemble)

Overture's Ensemble Open Service Architecture (Ensemble OSA™) is the industry’s first complete and open platform for service automation and NFV that is built specifically for the service provider metro edge. Ensemble OSA leverages high performance compute environments such as that provided by Titanium Server to create a reliable, scalable platform for hosting service accelerating VNFs. For more information Click Here.

hewlett packard enterprise
HP Enterprise

HP is a leading provider of computer platforms for both the IT data center and the service provider’s network. HP has provided computer systems to the telecom network for over 30 years, and leads in the adoption of IT technologies for telecom applications, such as NFV. As a member of the Titanium Cloud ecosystem, HP is collaborating closely with Wind River to introduce high-performance NFV solutions based on HP servers that will help service providers meet new market challenges.

dorado redcell
Dorado (Redcell)

Dorado Software, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Service Orchestration software that helps communications service providers, NFV Infrastructure and network function vendors accelerate their time to benefits of their virtualized cloud-based networks.  Dorado provides an integrated end-to-end solution with packaged and extensible capabilities to orchestrate, monitor and provide closed loop automation of both physical and virtual network functions in a multi-vendor and evolving ecosystem. For more information Click Here.


RIFT.io provides the open source standard platform for the construction and automated deployment of scalable, virtualized network functions and services. RIFT.io technology and services accelerate service providers’ efforts to deploy NFV-enabled virtualized networks and empower enterprises to successfully deploy virtualized network services on private and hybrid cloud. Any network application built with RIFT.io technology can intelligently take advantage of any cloud’s unique capabilities and operate at any scale.


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