VX 900 Voice Exchange

VX 900 Voice Exchange

The Sonus VX 900 Voice Exchange is the industry's first fully integrated multi-service voice switch with Any-to-Any gateway functionality, creating a next-generation solution for enterprise VoIP enablement. The award-winning VX 900 platform provides the most powerful, most complete, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for the government market. The VX 900 offers an efficient, robust and cost-effective way to provide high-quality voice and secure voice services over the diverse and challenging transmission environments in fixed/mobile government and military networks.

The Unique Multi-Service Voice Switch

  • Deployable in distributed networks to reduce and consolidate PBX infrastructure
  • Extends advanced call system features from centralized data centers to remote locations
  • Remote survivability features such as continuous, local call service and intelligent trunk routing
  • Secure NAT traversal and firewall traversal
  • Supports analog, digital, and native IP voice, as well as port and trunk side serial data
  • Supports 200 simultaneous Future Narrowband Digital Terminal (FNBDT) calls over IP
  • The most powerful, bandwidth-efficient and secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for the government market
  • Unique SIP user agent proxy interface for non-SIP devices (TDM and H.323)
  • Integrated platform with voice router, media gateway, signaling and protocol conversion capabilities
  • Efficient FNBDT/SCIP relay over IP backbone
  • Advanced call routing and trunk group concepts
  • Comprehensive topology and link quality management (LQM)

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