PSX Centralized Policy and Routing

PSX Centralized Policy and Routing

Centralized Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) policy and routing for Sonus’ industry-leading session border control, session management and softswitch solutions is made possible by the PSX. The “gold standard” of network policy and routing management devices provides 99.999% reliability in the world’s most demanding environments and scalability to millions of subscribers packaged in a unique, centralized architecture. Meet the industry's most feature-rich policy and routing server.

Superior Technology has its Benefits:

  • Manage communications sessions routing paths, priority, admission control, etc. - based on policies including media type, source/destination, and time of day/week
  • Bring together multi-vendor environments to create centralized dial plans and call routing
  • Advanced Features – SCPLookups, Overload Controls and Network Traffic Management

Experience routing analysis enabling toll-free routing, least-cost routing, number portability, voice VPN, SIP trunking, Centralized Dial Plan, emergency services and a host of additional high-value capabilities with the Sonus PSX.

  • Avoid and reduce international and long-distance toll fees
  • Advanced Features – Database Lookups, Overload Controls and Network Traffic Management
  • Scalable - One Logical Database: Operational Ease and Geographical Redundancy
  • Centralized Routing and Policy for the entire network: OPEX savings, ease of management - High Performance
  • Reduce costs through operational efficiencies, simplified network management and fewer provisioning errors, while improving network response and utilization
  • Intelligently manage communications sessions routing paths, priority, admission control, etc.—based on a variety of policies including media type, source/destination and time of day/week
  • Single Point Provisioning and Distributed Call Processing enables ease of operation, reduction in provisioning errors and increased scale and performance.
  • Provides powerful features as the call routing engine in heterogeneous voice networks including SIP, ENUM, H.323, TDM, SS7/C7, IN/AIN, etc.
  • Highly redundant architecture and live upgrade capabilities deliver 99.999% availability—even during peak loads of millions of calls per hour
  • Can be deployed and managed locally or centrally, both as a standalone solution or as an embedded policy and routing engine in the Sonus SBC 5000 and 7000 Series of session border controllers

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