When communication is your business, provide the best quality of experience for your customers with Sonus NetScore. NetScore provides intelligent voice quality through proactive analytic solutions designed to improve user experience and reduce operational costs. From monitoring Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk group solutions for performance to analyzing Call Detailed Records (CDRs) to solve issues, discover the tools turning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into ROI for Sonus customers. Sonus is proud to offer purpose-built solutions to enhance your communications solution.

NetScore can be deployed on any industry-standard server using VMWare hypervisors. The virtual edition of NetScore features the same proactive analytic solutions that improves user experience and reduces operational costs - without compromise. By using common management and code base, Sonus has provided a low cost path for existing customers as they evolve their networks to virtualization architecture.

NetScore now supports the entire SBC portfolio and extends the coverage to 3rd party CDRs. The 3rd party device support enables customers to spread across more elements in their network for analyzing, monitoring and tracking the behavior.

Key Differentiators:

  • Proactive monitoring of voice quality performance, including automatic alerts when performance begins to degrade
  • SLA validation enhances network operators’ ability to manage peering partners
  • Voice quality and network performance metrics aggregated into single performance views
  • Information analysis transforms data into actionable tasks to improve quality of experience
  • Analyze network handoff points
  • Real-time, actionable insight on network performance
  • Call defect reports to troubleshoot network connections
  • Understand complex network traffic at macro and micro levels
  • Drill down to specific call details for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Performance KPIs on network elements in targeted and meaningful ways
  • Traffic analysis
  • KPIs performance metrics
  • Voice quality
  • CDR drill down
  • Trunk group performance
  • Dynamic threshold alarms
  • Aggregation from geographical disparate Sonus elements

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