Insight EMS / Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM)

Insight EMS / Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM)

The Sonus Insight Element Management System (Insight EMS) is a centralized solution for the efficient management of all Sonus elements in a customer's network.  Insight EMS provides a complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) solution with a robust portfolio of management and provisioning tools. In conjunction with Sonus’ DataStream Integrator (DSI), service providers and enterprises can easily perform FCAPS management of their network. Deployed in the world's largest networks for more than a decade, Insight EMS offers a mature, feature-rich management system providing a simple-to-use, graphical user interface and accelerated provisioning and management for Sonus’ Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Policy Routing Solution (PSX), Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) and WebRTC gateway.

Insight EMS can be deployed in any virtualized, cloud, or hardware platform using industry-standard servers. Insight EMS delivers the same advanced features and functionality regardless of the platform. By using common management and code base, Sonus has provided a low cost path for existing customers as they evolve their networks to virtualization and cloud architectures.

Insight EMS includes the Sonus Virtual Network Function Manager (VNFM) - Sonus’ lifecyle management for all Sonus Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). The VNFM provides the overall coordination and adaptation role for configuration and event reporting between NFVi and the EMS for the Sonus SBC SWe and PSX SWe VNFs. The VNFM plays an integral role in the auto-scaling functionality of Sonus products by using configurable key performance indicators and analytics from each VNF to make decisions about scaling instances.

In cloud environments, consolidating analytics from multiple VNFs is critical for analyzing, reporting and troubleshooting a network. Insight EMS also includes a scalable and fault tolerant Data Warehouse that collects Sonus VNF data and provides a cloud-optimized data base store.

The VNFM is architected around the ETSI model, allowing it to work seamlessly with third-party Openstack based orchestrators to manage a cloud deployment.

  • Delivers efficient centralized management of the complete Sonus network, including cloud based elements and VNFs
  • Integrated data feed of VNF KPIs for analytics and service orchestration
  • Intuitive and secure navigation via element grouping and role-based access control with audit trails
  • Centralized fault and performance monitoring and diagnostics for rapid identification and resolution of network and service outages
  • High-scale, flexible deployment options, including high availability (HA) and geo-redundant configurations
  • Open standard interfaces enable integration with existing management processes and systems
  • Highly scalable for large networks with multiple Sonus elements
  • Designed to help quickly configure trunk groups, call routes, Openstack clusters and subscriber services
  • Customizable alarm thresholds and monitor alarms and events in near real time
  • Data agent function for tracking and forwarding of VNF KPIs for integrated analytics
  • Cloud optimized deployment using common orchestration to easily service chain session management and policy control.
  • VNFM provides rules based scaling and lifecycle for onboarding, instantiation, scaling, updating and deleting of Sonus VNFs
  • Support of flow-through provisioning and broad integration
  • Single EMS for all Sonus network elements with a client-server architecture for flexibility and scale
  • Customizable dashboards, full network inventory and seamless integration with device specific management tools
  • Cloud optimized data warehouse for centralized storage of logs, CDRs and analytics.

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