DSC 8000

DSC 8000

The demand for 4G/LTE networks is expected to grow exponentially with mobile broadband demand for smartphones and tablets. Diameter signaling messages in 4G/LTE networks is expected to grow correspondingly. Smartphones alone generate several Diameter signaling messages each time they access an application, download data, roam on a different network, and even when they’re simply turned on and off. The Sonus family of DSCs is designed to address the performance, capacity, scalability and roaming needs of the 4G/LTE networks for this rapidly emerging market.

Control Diameter Signaling in 4G/LTE Networks

Prevent network element overload and service interruptions through load balancing Interwork Diameter and MAP protocols for LTE interoperability with 2G/3G networks Secure network borders through IPsec encryption, DoS protection, and network topology hiding Manage the complexity of Diameter signaling messaging through 4G/LTE.

SS7 Signaling Transfer Point (STP) in 2G, 3G Networks and Legacy Fixed Networks

SS7 signaling networks were first deployed in the early 1980s, but continue to be the foundation for 2G and 3G networks to support voice and text communication. The need for SS7 STPs will continue for decades and service providers are looking for venders who will continue to offer solutions. The DSC solution provides essential STP functionality for core, edge and interconnect deployments.

Carrier-Grade Solutions

The Sonus DSC 8000 and DSC SWe provide the essential functions of centralized core and edge routing for Diameter and SS7 protocol elements widely used in 2G/3G networks along with the all-IP, service-oriented, IMS and Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture networks. These functions include:

  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) as specified by 3GPP
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) as specified by GSMA
  • Subscription Location Function (SLF)
  • Translation or Inter-Working Function (IWF)
  • SS7 Signaling Transfer Points (STP)
  • Local Number Portability solution when integrated with Sonus PSX

Integration with Sonus Portfolio

DSC is integrated with the overall Sonus portfolio. The DSC is part of solutions that include PSX and SBC portfolio. The SBC and DSC are used together in VoLTE and IMS solutions to provide an all-IP based voice offering that includes HD voice. The PSX and DSC are integrated into Unified Policy and Signaling solution to consolidate legacy to next gen DB-based Signaling solutions. This allows operators to make investments today that can be used in future all-IP Service offerings. The Sonus Insight EMS has been enhanced to provide element management for the DSC. Sonus has developed the Insight EMS over the past 10+ years and this investment will be leveraged in support DSC deployments.

Figure 1: Migration from SS7 to Diameter

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