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By Walter Kenrich
Leveraging Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology truly changes the way we think about communications these days. With SIP, unified communication (UC) applications become just another “data application” and without appropriate security measures in place, networks could be opened to bad...
By Christopher R. Cook, CISSP
With the increasing number of 911 outages as of late, perhaps it’s time for Service Providers to review incident response methods for the telco and UC environments. Earlier this year, while I was at RSA attending some of the Key Note presentations a declarative statement was made. The statement was...
By Dan Teichman
As I pointed out in my last blog, there are two aspects to address in order to deliver high performance real-time media packet processing in a virtual, Cloud deployment. This blog will address the 2nd aspect - ensuring deterministic behavior of real-time media traffic with no packet loss. One...
By Dan Teichman
It’s been a while since I last posted, but now I am back to talk some more about Sonus innovation for real-time communications (RTC) in the Cloud. This time I want to talk about a subject our customers tell us is very important to the success of their network evolution - the ability to ensure...
By Dan Teichman
I am back again, with another topic in my continuing series about the key attributes required for successful deployment of virtual, cloud-based SBCs. This time I am going to talk about integrated analytics and the importance of automating management in a virtual, cloud deployment. Data creation...
In my continuing series about the key attributes required for successful deployment of virtual, cloud-based SBCs, I want to spend some time talking about high availability and the importance of ensuring reliability in a virtual, cloud deployment. Real-time applications have a set of high...
By Mykola Konrad
If you’re a Service provider planning to move your core real-time communications (RTC) network into a public or private cloud, Sonus is here to help with the reality of getting this done. When considering the move there are issues around security, scalability and performance to consider, and...



  • MathWorks estimates that through the automated provisioning and call routing features of the Sonus solution, the company has freed up more than 250 IT staff hours per week for more important projects.

    MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs 2800 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • The industry-leading performance and scale of Sonus' SBC 5100 allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the market while delivering exceptional customer service. 

    Smart Tel is a major player in the Singapore telecommunications industry and aims to develop its global presence with new offices in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, South Africa, the US and the UK, with cost effective, easy-to-use and scalable telephony solutions.
  • We wanted to work with an industry-leading SBC vendor and our market analysis indicated that Sonus was the clear choice for this partnership.

    (GCS) is a software company founded in 2006 by Neal Axelrad and Jay Meranchik. GCS' goal is to be the best company in the marketplace. We are privately held and have offices in New York & New Jersey USA.
  • Sonus made the deployment, integration and migration to Microsoft Lync easy. 

    We are experts in identifying and delivering flexible communication solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands, empowering your business to do more, faster and with less effort and cost.