Enabling SIP-Based Applications

Unified Communications (UC) are distinguished by an environment in which multiple modes of communication—voice, video, text, email, business applications, collaboration tools, etc.–are delivered as a unified user experience through solutions such as unified messaging (i.e., combined voicemail and email), multi-media conferencing, a companywide Web-based communications portal and personalized call routing to multiple devices (e.g., office phone, smartphone, home phone) are delivered.

The Sonus Harmony™ architecture enables scalable, secure delivery of SIP applications across the widest range of network and device types enabling rapid delivery and building of cost effective new communication services and communication enabled applications without dependence on a particular telephony application. Sonus Session Manager, represented at the middle layer of this architecture, orchestrates the various elements in a SIP-based multimedia network so that customers can more easily manage and control SIP sessions, which are the basis of today’s SI-based communication applications. Using the Sonus Composer development environment, developers are able to create new or integrate current applications to enable delivery across a heterogeneous environment.

Because unified communications consist of primarily SIP-driven sessions, the SBC has the dual function of both SIP enabler (as the SIP gateway for the network) and SIP mediator for the various applications and devices that make up the UC environment.

An SBC provides the cornerstone for SIP communications in a UC-centric network, by providing a common gateway/controller for internal and external SIP-based applications and devices. Sonus SBCs can help enterprises deploy UC solutions that feature:

  • A broad mix of voice, video and data services from both inside the network (e.g., PBX services, “homegrown” business applications, video surveillance systems) and outside (e.g., long-distance voice, hosted videoconferencing, cloud-based applications)
  • Secure communications through encryption, authentication and Voice Virtual Private Networks (Voice VPNs)
  • Seamless interoperability with a variety of SIP and non-SIP devices including IVRs, fax machines, automatic call distributors (ACDs), PBXs and peering SBCs

Applications innovation is the source of both superior customer service and improved internal business effectiveness. One of the fundamental steps in achieving application innovation is to recognize that human delays slow business processes and that this costs enterprises like yours real money. By decreasing or eliminating these human delays, enterprises can experience a significant and positive transformation by accelerating time to decision, time to revenue, time to service, time to support, time to product… and by delivering increased business agility, accuracy, service velocity and business productivity.

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