Overview of Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for Real-Time Communications

The success of any organization, whether large or small, depends on the effectiveness of that organization’s communication tools within the enterprise as well as between the enterprise and its customers. The move to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based communications requires that enterprises revisit their network security and embed a layer of intelligence in order to get the most value out of their move to real-time communications. Sonus Enterprise Solutions help enterprises truly unify their communications networks and overcome their SIP and Unified Communications (UC) challenges:

  • Migrating to an all-Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure while maintaining network and session security
Overcoming Multiple Islands of Enterprise Voice and Video
  • Managing the proliferation of Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) within the corporation - disparate PBX vendors, models, capabilities
  • Complexity of multi-PBX for routing and dial plan management
  • Disaster recovery challenges
Migration Challenges
  • From Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) to IP PBXs
  • From Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs) to SIP trunking
  • Interworking of SIP and H.323
  • Legacy PBX replacement (including moving to Microsoft Skype for Business)
Service Provider Management
  • Multiple telecom providers
  • Not cost optimized
  • Multiple bills, feature differences
Moving to the Cloud
  • Move real-time communications to a private or public Cloud infrastructure
  • SIP Trunking, providing secure connectivity and centralized traffic and policy management
  • Business Services, providing hosted IP PBX and/or SIP endpoints
  • Unified Communications (UC), going beyond voice to include presence/IM, email, calendaring, video conferencing and collaboration
Expect More from Sonus Enterprise Solutions
  • Complete network protection from theft of service and attack, including Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
  • Intelligent Routing – flatten your routing topology; combine the entire dial plan and routing database into one reliable, redundant application
  • Feature-rich interworking across legacy PBX and UC (voice, video and collaboration) without compromising performance or scale
  • Sonus solutions can be deployed on purpose-built appliances or in a multiple cloud environments as a virtual solution


Cost Reduction
  • Optimize WAN data center bandwidth – stop overprovisioning network bandwidth and lower WAN costs
  • Enable session routing over your WAN to reduce long distance costs
  • Move to SIP trunking to reduce access PRI charges
  • Central network-wide provisioning and dial plan management - reduces OPEX/personnel costs
Network Transformation
  • Media – securely control and manipulate Dual-tone Multi-frequency Signaling (DTMF), IVR & Fax
  • Converged IP Access for local, long distance and tie line services
  • Network resiliency and efficiency via adaptable IP bandwidth and route diversity
  • Network Optimization – enable on-demand bandwidth provisioning between enterprise data centers
  • Application optimization – enable QoS on your WAN for real-time communications
  • Edge – session border controller (SBC) software secures signaling and media for partner and service provider interconnect
  • Enhanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Security – DDoS, Rogue RTP, network topology hiding
  • Dial Plan – network-wide abbreviated dial and SIP virtual private networks, regardless of TDM/IP PBX brand
Simplify Communications Network Management
  • Centralize Management – call accounting, billing, dial plan
  • Reduce the number of network elements and enable private disaster recovery
  • Corporate Network-Wide “Brand” Control - consistent tones, announcements and promotions for all your voice and video equipment
  • Increase Reliability – no single failure point and live software upgrades without services impact

Figure 1: Enterprise Overview


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