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Operations Support for Service Providers

Resident Engineer Services

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the critical command center for your network—it’s where decisions are made, solutions devised and obstacles averted. A Sonus engineer embedded in your NOC provides the crucial support and network experience you need to handle hot issues in the critical months following new solution deployments. Our engineers offer valuable support for operational test activities including trunk provisioning, fault isolation and management, customer training, skills transfer and network security.

Network and Database Design

Sonus Global Services creates a unique deployment design plan for your network that solves key architectural challenges including switch layout, IP core design, signaling interconnect, Quality of Service and capacity planning. In addition, we offer database design services for the PSX™ Centralized Policy Server, ASX™ feature server and ADS subscriber database.

Maintenance Plans

We know that customers want flexibility in their maintenance and service contracts, so we offer a wide variety of service levels and pricing structures. Sonus customers may choose from three unique maintenance service plans:

  • Comprehensive Secure 24x7
  • Basic 24x7
  • Basic 9x5

Sonus offers the following maintenance program for our "Enterprise Customers" who use our gear to setup their network for their internal use and not to sell voice or data service using the network.

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