Regarded as the “gold standard” in network policy and routing management for service providers and enterprises, Sonus’ PSX Centralized Policy and Routing Engine is the industry's most feature-rich policy and routing control platform, delivering unparalleled reliability in the world’s most demanding environments and scalability to millions of subscribers. The PSX SWe provides the same features, exceptional scalability and centralized policy/traffic control as hardware-based PSX for both SIP and legacy network elements, including SBCs, media gateways and soft-switches. For Sonus customers, the PSX SWe delivers a spectrum of real-world benefits, including lower cost Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video calls, intelligent routing, centralized dial plan, simplified network management and increased margins.

For customers looking to leverage new and existing platforms to support network functions virtualization (NFV) functionality, the PSX allows customers to deploy a fully-featured policy engine  co-resident with other applications.

For customers planning and designing cloud-based network architecture, the PSX provides support for OpenStack based orchestrators. In such a deployment scenario, PSX instances can be created and deleted on demand based on the network rules defined in the orchestrator.

  • Fully-featured policy engine can be deployed co-resident with other applications using commercial-off-the-shelf platforms
  • Intelligently manage communication sessions routing paths, priority and admission control based on policies, including media type, source/destination and time of day/week
  • Integrate multi-vendor environments to create centralized dial plans and call routing
  • Centralized Routing and Policy for the entire network, delivering OpEx savings and ease of management with high performance
  • Highly redundant architecture and live upgrade capabilities deliver 99.999% availability—even during peak loads of millions of calls per hour
  • Single Point Provisioning and Distributed Call Processing enables ease of operation, reduction in provisioning errors and increased scale and performance.

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