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Sonus Resource Library

From Clouds to the Meta-Cloud
Live Webinar: Tuesday May 31, 2016 at 11:00am ET It is easy to imagine a future in which enterprises are consuming off-premises cloud services from 20 or more different cloud service providers (CSPs), creating their own custom cloud of clouds, or Meta-Cloud. Connecting to each CSP separately would create a management nightmare, bringing about an...

Signaling System #7 Vulnerabilities - A Solution to Address SS7 Security Exposures
Signaling System #7 (SS7) networks form one of the pillars of today’s successful telecommunications industry. And yet, for all its importance to enable telecommunications services, SS7 incorporates only minimal security features. Unfortunately, in the past 35 years since SS7 was introduced, the telecommunications marketplace has dramatically...

Sonus Signaling Solutions for Diameter and SS7 Data Sheet
Sonus DSCs allow network planners and architects to flexibly deploy only the specific features and functionality needed for their network or service.

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Beyond the Border: Differentiating IPX Services with Sonus
IPX networks provide private, secure, managed IP interconnection, delivering higher quality services between operators by limiting the number of network hops between mobile, fixed, MVNOs, ISPs, and other IPX Providers. With IPX, a network can reach many different roaming and interworking partners across the globe via one connection. Download this...

Sonus SBC 5200

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End of Product Sale (EOPS) Notice - Trunking SW R8
Sonus announces the end of service dates for Release 8 (R8) software running on all Sonus Trunking products (includes GSX9000, SBC9000,GSX4010, DSI, EMS, PSX). Sonus also announces the end of service dates for NetScore Release 3.3.x.

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Sonus External EOPS Announcement SGX SW 9.0.x and 8.2.x
Sonus Networks announces the End of Product Sale of the SGX4000 9.X and 8.2.0R3 software line on March 17, 2016 with the release of SGX4000 10.0. The End of Support Life for SGX4000 R9.X and R8.X is March 17, 2017.

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Why Centralized Policy and Session Management Benefits Enterprise UC Environments
Enterprises are currently faced with many complexities as they make the migration from TDM to IP-based communication infrastructures. To be successful, they need a well-thought-out plan to support their migration strategy including: compatibility of legacy equipment/protocols; centralized management of complex dial plans across different IP-PBX...

2016 Guide to SDN and NFV (Parts 1-7)
Over the last couple of years, the hottest topics in networking have been Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). While both enterprises and service providers have shown great interest in these topics, the vast majority of organizations are still either on the sidelines or in the analysis stage of adoption.

Multi-layer Security for Real-time Communications
Securing real-time communications (RTC) requires a Session Border Controller (SBC) at the network edge. SBCs are critical because they prevent attacks, manage traffic and capture critical information at the edge of your RTC network. However, as technology models mature, a single-point SBC needs to be augmented and be part of wider security...

VX1200 End of Life Notification
This is the End of Life announcement for the VX1200 Session Border Controller and Gateway products. The product is being replaced by the VX900

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Editorial Webinar: NFV, SDN and cloud: How deep and where?
Network virtualization technologies using SDN and NFV platforms have slowly begun to creep across networks. This webinar will garner insight from telecom operators, industry analysts and vendors to look at where carriers are focusing their initial deployments; which network segments are seeing improved efficiencies from the move towards...

Sonus SGX4000 Universal Signaling Gateway
The sign on the road says “All Media, All IP Ahead.” Yet until we get there, much of the world’s telecommunications traffic will continue to run on legacy networks. With the Sonus SGX4000 Universal Signaling Gateway, you can drive your network’s transformation to IP today without losing sight of legacy subscribers.

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Diameter Signaling For Dummies

Securing & Monetizing the On-Demand Network
The new business model of deploying on-demand applications in the cloud needs an on-demand network that can deliver on expectations of application users. In fact, it really needs a software-defined network with a level of intelligence that is not available in traditional routed network. One solution would be an SD-WAN overlay solution which can...

Optimize the Cloud for Real-Time Communications
When it comes to the evolution of real-time communications, service providers are striving to achieve a more flexible, software-defined, highly elastic way of building networks. Knowing that service providers may begin this evolution at differing starting points, Sonus has developed its solutions to support multiple migration paths to private and...

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Configuring the SBC 1k/2k v4.1.3 with Lync 2013 and Telus SIP Trunk over public internet
This document describes the steps required to configure the Sonus Session Border Controller (SBC) 1000/2000 series when connecting the TELUS SIP trunk over public internet and Microsoft Lync 2013.

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Network Function Virtualization Primer
Over the last two years a major change has exploded onto the networking landscape—Network Function Virtualization (NFV). NFV is a major change in how networks are architected and operate, and its the result of fundamental transformations in the network and technology. The focus of this white paper is to define NFV and discuss how it is...

Software Defined Networking For Dummies

Seize the SBC as a Service Opportunity
As virtualization technology infiltrates nearly every corner of the IT landscape, from servers to applications and networks, enterprise businesses are questioning the need to continue to invest in traditional customer premises equipment (CPE). From firewalls, intrusion detection and protection systems to load balancers and routers, service...




  • MathWorks estimates that through the automated provisioning and call routing features of the Sonus solution, the company has freed up more than 250 IT staff hours per week for more important projects.

    MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs 2800 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • The industry-leading performance and scale of Sonus' SBC 5100 allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the market while delivering exceptional customer service. 

    Smart Tel is a major player in the Singapore telecommunications industry and aims to develop its global presence with new offices in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, South Africa, the US and the UK, with cost effective, easy-to-use and scalable telephony solutions.
  • We wanted to work with an industry-leading SBC vendor and our market analysis indicated that Sonus was the clear choice for this partnership.

    (GCS) is a software company founded in 2006 by Neal Axelrad and Jay Meranchik. GCS' goal is to be the best company in the marketplace. We are privately held and have offices in New York & New Jersey USA.
  • Sonus made the deployment, integration and migration to Microsoft Lync easy. 

    We are experts in identifying and delivering flexible communication solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands, empowering your business to do more, faster and with less effort and cost.