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Sonus Resource Library

Unleash Real-time Communications in the Cloud
As RTC services move into private or public Cloud environments, it will be essential for SBCs to also move to a virtual, Cloud deployment model. As this transition to the Cloud takes place, it is important to understand the differences between cloud myths and realities.

Sonus SBC 1000 / 2000 pre-Release 6.1 End of Product Sale (EOPS) Notification
Sonus recently announced the launch of SBC 1000 / 2000 Release 6.1, which provides increased capacity, improved support for 3rd party applications, and the availability of a Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition appliance.

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Use of Graphics Processing Units for Cloud-based Media Interworking
With the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture, the need for 24/7 uptime, and a move towards virtualization and the Cloud, service providers and enterprise networks are wrestling with increasing complexity for real-time communications (voice, video, messaging).

Sonus Skype for Business
Maximize your enterprise voice deployments - When it comes to cutting-edge Unified Communications technology from Microsoft, your choice of session border controller (SBC) may dictate whether that software will help optimize productivity or become a constant source of frustration.

Sonus Cloud Link
Sonus Cloud Link integrates Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition in a single, flexible and secure appliance that reduces cost and complexity associated with server hardware and software procurement and implementation.

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Real-time Communications in the Cloud
As real-time communications (RTC) and session border controllers (SBCs) migrate to the Cloud, it is important to understand the differences between network transformation myths and realities. There are many promises being made for what a virtual SBC can deliver in a cloud deployment model. This paper identifies RTC cloud myths and shows how Sonus...

The Next Phase of SIP Migration
Speaker: Ram Ramanathan Over the past decade, a majority of the Service Providers have migrated away from TDM towards SIP based networks – starting at the core and moving towards the edge. This migration has, no doubt brought in efficiencies in operating multiple services over the same underlying IP network and thereby reducing cost. Now, we are...

Sonus Global Services
Sonus Global Services helps businesses design their communications networks for the future, deploy new revenue-generating services, and manage their networks for maximum efficiency. From initial network planning and design through migration to ongoing management after deployment, Sonus has a global team of expert and experienced service...

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Securing Real-time Communications for Dummies
Recent high profile cyberattacks have many organizations understandably focusing their security efforts on preventing data breaches. While ensuring data security is indeed a top priority, enterprises must not become complacent in securing their mission‐critical, real‐time communications (RTC) applications, systems, and networks — including voice...

SBC 5000 Series, 7000 and SWe Release 4.0.x and 4.1.x End of Product Sale (EoPS) Notice
This document outlines the End of Product Sale (EoPS) and End of Support (EoS) plan and timeline for all versions and sustaining releases of Release 4.0.x and 4.1.x software* running on Sonus SBC 5000 Series products (i.e. SBC 5100, 5110, 5200 and 5210), SBC 7000 and SBC SWe.

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Are You Ready for Real-Time Communications in the Cloud?
Are You Ready for Real-Time Communications in the Cloud? Businesses are changing. Applications are moving. WE’RE FORECASTING: CLOUDS AHEAD.

Unleashing Real-time Communication Services in the Cloud
Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 10:00 a.m. New York / 3:00 p.m. London Speaker: Mykola Konrad What is preventing communication service providers (CSPs) from migrating their real-time communication services to the cloud? Is it concerns about how to deploy and manage these services in the cloud? Or simply fear of the unknown? Sonus understands how to...

Miercom Performance Assessment of Sonus SBC SWe Report
Sonus Networks, Inc. engaged Miercom to perform an independent performance assessment of its SBC SWe – a virtualized software version of its popular, appliance based Session Border Controllers.

The Voice Renaissance
After more than a decade of stagnation, the technologies behind mobile voice services are finally beginning to change. The circuit-switched voice calls of yesterday are giving way to the IP-based calling technologies of tomorrow. There is an abundance of activity in the market. For example, Apple, Google and others are investing in technologies...

Securing Real -Time Communications
SIP-based real-time communications (RTC) continues its rapid evolution, encompassing voice, video, UC&C, WebRTC, VoWiFi, and VoLTE. This evolution exposes new security threats to both service providers and the enterprise.

External EOPS Announcement IBM RAID V3700
Sonus Networks announces the End of Life of IBM V3700 RAID storage platform. The products affected include ADS, DSI, EMS, NetScore and PSX.

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External July 2016 SBC 1K_2K R4.x EOPS Announcement
With the availability of Release 6.0, Sonus announces the End of Support of all Release 4 software on the SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 products.

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End of Product Sale (EOPS) Notice – Release 4.0.x and 4.1.x of SBC Core (SBC 5000 Series, SBC 7000 and SBC SWe)
This document outlines the End of Product Sale (EoPS), End of Support (EoS) plan, timeline for all versions, and sustaining releases of Release 4.0.x and 4.1.x software* running on Sonus SBC 5000 Series products

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Sonus SBC Nectar Monitoring Solution
Unified communications diagnostics’ solution offers integrated Monitoringfunctionality via the Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 and a single, centrally located system, reducing complexity at the network edge and simplifying and accelerating deployment while substantially cutting operating costs.

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Simple and Secure Skype for Business
Live Webinar: Thursday June 16th at 2:00pm ET Enterprises are increasingly adopting Skype for Business as a unified communications (UC) platform to help transform their business. Whether they need increased mobility or improved collaboration, there are diverse needs driving the move to advanced UC and VoIP. A successful deployment requires a...




  • MathWorks estimates that through the automated provisioning and call routing features of the Sonus solution, the company has freed up more than 250 IT staff hours per week for more important projects.

    MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists. Founded in 1984, MathWorks employs 2800 people in 15 countries, with headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
  • The industry-leading performance and scale of Sonus' SBC 5100 allows us to maintain a competitive edge in the market while delivering exceptional customer service. 

    Smart Tel is a major player in the Singapore telecommunications industry and aims to develop its global presence with new offices in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, South Africa, the US and the UK, with cost effective, easy-to-use and scalable telephony solutions.
  • We wanted to work with an industry-leading SBC vendor and our market analysis indicated that Sonus was the clear choice for this partnership.

    (GCS) is a software company founded in 2006 by Neal Axelrad and Jay Meranchik. GCS' goal is to be the best company in the marketplace. We are privately held and have offices in New York & New Jersey USA.
  • Sonus made the deployment, integration and migration to Microsoft Lync easy. 

    We are experts in identifying and delivering flexible communication solutions that scale and adapt to your business demands, empowering your business to do more, faster and with less effort and cost.