SIP Trunking and Network Consolidation

While no one company can take credit for the Voice over IP (VoIP) revolution, perhaps no company has done more to make VoIP sound good than Sonus. Over 15 years ago, Sonus engineers developed the industry’s first carrier-class VoIP switch to bridge the old world (TDM) with the new world (SIP), and the rest is history. Today, the world’s leading VoIP providers are Sonus customers, and Sonus VoIP trunking solutions span the globe, delivering over one billion minutes of high-quality VoIP every day.

As service providers and enterprises make the shift to SIP-based communications, the need to bridge between legacy TDM and IP-voice is greater than ever. If your business still needs to “cut the cord” on expensive legacy switches, it’s time you connected with Sonus.

Higher price per port Lower price per port
Needs expensive circuit-based Inter-machine trunks (IMTs) No IMTs required
Costly to upgrade Free upgrades with select service plans
Legacy features and services Multimedia/multi-device services
Requires up to 20 times more power and cooling Uses 5% of the power and cooling
Uses 20 times more floorspace Uses 5% of the floorspace
A different routing database for every switch Single, centralized routing database for entire deployment
High OSS costs via legacy interfaces Low OSS costs via Web-based GUIs and modern APIs


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