Sonus Performance Assurance Suite

The Sonus Performance Assurance Suite provides customers with intelligent voice quality and network assurance solutions designed to improve user experience and reduce operational costs. From monitoring solutions to number portability and policy servers, discover the tools turning Key Performance Indicators (KPI) into ROI for end users. Sonus is proud to offer purpose-built solutions to enhance your communications solution.

Comprehensive analytics solutions 
  • Proactive monitoring on voice quality and network performance
  • Understanding of end-users’ Quality of Experience
  • Making data into actionable information
  • Analyze network handoff points
  • Real-time, actionable insight on network performance
  • Call defect reports to troubleshoot network connections
  • Aggregated voice quality and network performance metrics
  • Understand complex network traffic at macro and micro levels
  • Drill down to specific call details for diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Performance KPIs on network elements in targeted and meaningful ways
  • Traffic analysis
  • KPIs performance metrics
  • Voice quality
  • CDR drill down
  • Trunk group performance
  • Dynamic threshold alarms
  • Aggregation from geographical disparate Sonus elements