Sonus Element Management System

The Sonus Element Management System (EMS) is a centralized FCAPS (Faults, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security) solution that contains everything you need to manage your Sonus network. Scalable enough to serve the world's largest networks–a single EMS server can support hundreds of Sonus network elements–yet simple to use, the Sonus EMS solution provides a single management and provisioning interface for every Sonus element in your network.

Sonus EMS Features
  • Scalability to quickly configure gateways, Session Border Controllers (SBC), trunk groups, call routes, and subscriber services
  • Set customizable alarm thresholds and monitor alarms and events in near real time
  • Support of flow-through provisioning and broad integration

A simple yet robust control interface for the world's most powerfully simple Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) architecture.

  • Delivers efficient centralized management of the complete Sonus network
  • Intuitive and secure navigation via element grouping and role-based access control with audit trails
  • Centralized fault and performance monitoring and diagnostics for rapid identification and resolution of network and service outages
  • High-scale, flexible deployment options, including high availability (HA) and geo-redundant configurations
  • Open standard interfaces enable integration with existing management processes and systems
  • Single EMS for all Sonus network elements
  • Client-server architecture for flexibility and scale
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Full network inventory
  • Granular user privilege levels with audit trails
  • Seamless integration with device-specific management tools
  • Scales to thousands of network elements